Martinez in the top 10

Martinez in the top 10

As we had into week two, the top players in the country in regardin to rushing looks somewhat familiar. Even back in the glory days of the Huskers, it wasn't common to see the Husker quarterback ahead of their own running back. But that's where Martinez is now as he is one of the top 10 rushers in the country.

From a rushing standpoint, Taylor Martinez finds himself amongst the elite in the country when it comes to rushing yards per game. And he is one of only two quarterbacks who find themselves still ranked among the top 10 rushers in the country.

What is kind of shocking, if you haven't been paying attention, is Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, who in Rich Rodriguez' spread-option attack has averaged 227 yards per game through two contests.

Another interesting note when you consider conference loyalties, Nebraska's current conference has three players ranked in the top ten (KSU's Daniel Thomas, OSU's Kendall Hunter and Taylor Martinez) while Nebraska's future conference has five(Michigan's Robinson, Michigan State's Edwin Baker, Minnesota's Duane Bennett, Iowa's Adam Robinson and Wisconsin's John Clay). Eight out of the top 10 individual rushers are either from the Big 12 or the Big Ten.

1 Denard Robinson, Michigan QB SO 2 57 455 3 7.98 227.50
2 Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma St. RB SR 2 49 414 6 8.45 207.00
3 Daniel Thomas, Kansas St. RB SR 2 49 371 4 7.57 185.50
4 Bobby Rainey, Western Ky. RB JR 2 52 339 3 6.52 169.50
5 Edwin Baker, Michigan St. RB SO 2 32 300 3 9.38 150.00
6 Duane Bennett, Minnesota RB JR 2 48 291 2 6.06 145.50
7 Taylor Martinez, Nebraska QB FR 2 21 284 5 13.52 142.00
8 Tauren Poole, Tennessee RB JR 2 40 272 3 6.80 136.00
9 Adam Robinson, Iowa RB SO 2 38 265 4 6.97 132.50
10 John Clay, Wisconsin RB JR 2 40 260 4 6.50 130.00


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