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"It's Game Time." - OL, Brandon Braxton

OL Recruit

Do you remember when a 6'4" lineman was tall? I can even remember when a lineman busting 300 lbs. was something to talk about. Not anymore as 6'4" is now a stereotypical guard or center position and you have to be even taller than that to be considered an "ideal" tackle. With that in mind, Brandon Braxton's 6'7" and 300+ lbs. probably isn't going to shock you, but come on, that's still just darn big!

Size does matter after all. Well, not always, but it certainly doesn't hurt when it is taken into account with what you do. And if you are an offensive tackle, yeah, size sometimes definitely does matter. If it was the end-all, be-all of things, Brandon Braxton would already be all-everything, just 5 inches short of 7 foot and tipping the scales at over 300 pounds. Size isn't everything... Recommended Stories

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