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QB, Conor Rauschelbach - looking to run wild

It's a sign of the changing times when a QB that can throw isn't automatically offered by just about everyone and their dog. This is the age of the versatile QB, the kind that can throw, but can run as well. And, that's the only thing that would appear to be in the way of Conor Rauschelbach and his offers, but not because he couldn't run last year, rather because he wasn't allowed to. Conor is excited to finally get a chance to show everyone that he is that "versatile" QB.

Why don't you let your quarterback run? Is it a product of the system or just the fact that you feel that your signal-caller is best when sitting back in the pocket, putting that ball down-field? For Rauschelbach, his one-dimensional attack last year wasn't out of choice, but because that's what his coach wanted him to do and the depth chart wasn't helping. "Last year, I was like the only QB... Recommended Stories

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