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Devon Allen

Phoenix (Ariz.) Brophy Prep wide receiver and track star, Devon Allen, is down to three schools, with one leading the way.

It looks like Phoenix (Ariz.) Brophy Prep wide receiver and track star, Devon Allen, will be heading to the Pac-12.

"I've kind of cut my list to the top three schools that I'm really looking at," he tells FOX Sports NEXT. "It's UCLA, Stanford, and Arizona State."

Allen went on to dissect each of his three favorites.

Arizona State: "They're really pushing hard. They're in the mindset to get all of the Arizona kids that they can, so they're really recruiting Arizona well. I've developed a good relationship with them and they have a good track program. We actually had the track coach come down to our house a couple weeks ago, so we got to talk to him as well, so that intrigues me. It would be nice to be close to home, it's right up the street and it would be great to get to play football in front of family and friends."

Stanford: "Academically, it's one of the best colleges in the nation. In addition to the big name school-wise, they jumped on board early in my recruitment, so I've gotten to know the coaches pretty well. It's a beautiful campus; I've been there two times for Junior Day and camps. We'll see what goes on from here. I'm sending my application in to them in the next few weeks, so I'll know whether or not I'm admitted and I'll go from there."

UCLA: "UCLA is probably my favorite, just because of the area, the weather, and the atmosphere. We were at the game against Houston, and it wasn't the biggest game, but there were still a lot of fans there. I got to see some of the fans and I talked to Brett Hundley's dad. They're really changing up the program, they're changing the mindset of the program, and they're play freshman early, which is good. I might be able to see some playing time early on in my college career, so that would be nice. And I like the offense they run as well. I'm going up to UCLA on the 13th of October. I've already been there, so I've seen campus, but I just want to get the feel of it and get to talk to some of the students and some of the players to see how they like it. I want to get to know the coaches a little better and meet with the track coaches and the track athletes as well."

In addition to his upcoming trip to Westwood, Allen is planning to visit Stanford, Oregon, and possibly Florida State.

Although Oregon and Florida State are not among his leaders, Allen hasn't fully counted them out just yet.

"Those two schools are recruiting me for track, mainly," he says. "But we have five visits, so I don't know why I wouldn't use all five to get a look and feel for the school. The football programs haven't offered, but they're still showing interest. I'm sure if I were to go to a school like Oregon or Florida State for track, I would be able to walk-on and get in the top two on the depth chart to earn a scholarship. I have no doubt in my mind that I could that.

"A school not offering for football isn't going to have a big affect on my decision, but it's nice to have a school that wants you in both sports."

One thing that Allen is sure of, is that there's no negotiating his dual-athlete status at the next level.

"Doing both track and football is something that I really want to do in college," he explains.

And most of the schools recruiting the 6-foot-1, 190-pound athlete, are on board.

"The UCLA track coach was just in my house on Saturday. Texas and Oregon are coming this week and next week to speak with me. So they're really pushing for me to do track as well, along with the Arizona State coach and the Stanford coach."

"I'm going to play both sports, no matter what," Allen states. "I feel like I can have great success in both." Recommended Stories

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