Ralph Brown on current Nebraska

Ralph Brown on current Nebraska

In a recent interview with 93.7 The Ticket, former Nebraska All-American Ralph Brown talked about the state of Husker football in the eyes of an alum.

In a recent interview with 93.7 The Ticket FM in Lincoln, former Nebraska All-American and NFL vet Ralph Brown says some former Huskers haven't felt welcome around the Nebraska football program during the Bo Pelini era.

"A lot of us haven't felt truly welcomed like in the past. Maybe that's us. Maybe Bo Pelini and staff aren't' opening it up enough. I don't know," Brown told the Gaskins and Stephens Show. "I'm not asking Bo Pelini to invite me to practice; I'm just saying from a general standpoint, it doesn't seem like a real open push for guys on the sidelines.

"There isn't a huge connection, like a brotherhood that was put in place when I played. Can it be reestablished? Yeah – but that's up to the head coach, staff, institution, and AD – to get the players involved with the former players to build that connection and help that bridge get back together.

Brown played as a true freshman at Nebraska in 1996 – helping win a National Title with the Huskers in 1997 as a sophomore. He finished his career with 143 tackles, 11 interceptions, and a school record 50-career pass deflections.

"When I got to Nebraska there was so much pressure on what we had to uphold for the people who laid the work before us. We made sure to do that," said Brown. "I think when you build a family; family doesn't want to let each other down. That's what helps you win games. That's why we won games at Nebraska. We did not want to let our brothers down. We knew when former players were at our practices or games, we turned the notch up. We didn't want to embarrass those guys."

Brown was asked about the recent comments by former Nebraska safety P.J. Smith, who told 1620 The Zone in Omaha that some players quit during the Huskers 70-31 loss to Wisconsin in the Big Ten Title game in 2012. Smith painted the picture of a squad who had some players feeling overconfident after winning six-straight games.

"We were always hungry and never felt like we arrived. It didn't matter who we blew out, what the score was, or who we were going to play – we never felt like we arrived," said Brown. "It came from Osborne. He was the one that was hungry to keep winning. To keep his guys focused at all times. It trickled down from there."

Brown played for four franchises in the NFL and says teams take on the personality of their head coach.

"Coach Osborne was dialed in - we were all dialed in," said Brown. "Coach Pelini is a very emotional guy. He's up one week and then he's down. His emotions take control of him and it's like a roller coaster ride. His team takes on a roller coaster ride during the season.

"I want to see a team that doesn't quit, a defense that plays hard for all four quarters, an offense that comes out in the first half strong and finishes strong – I don't' want to see a tale of two halves. I want to see a team consistent."

To listen to the full interview, you can CLICK HERE

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