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Closer to being a Husker?

Closer to being a Husker?

Zach Potter has seen Nebraska games before. Too many to count, but that shouldn't be a surprise. He's a Nebraska kid that does Nebraska kid-like things and that means Husker football. That wasn't his only motivating factor as he unofficially visited NU for their home-opener against Western Illinois as he's looking at Nebraska not as a fan, but as a possible tight end or defensive end to be. So, what did he learn about the "new" Nebraska Huskers?

7 balls for 98 yards. It doesn't sound like much, but for a tight end, that 7 balls is a load of catches for one game. That's what Matt Herian got, that's what Zach Potter saw and he came away impressed. "I can't say I was surprised, but you never know until you actually see the game." he said. "It was nice to see Herian get all those balls though, because that's one thing I am looking at as... Recommended Stories

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