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Jordan Congdon - Future Husker?

Jordan Congdon - Future Husker?

Being an umpire is a thankless job. People only acknowledge you even exist if something goes wrong. Well, you can think of kickers the same way. This year though, so much has gone wrong all over the country, if you are a high school kicker, you could suddenly be popular, very popular indeed. Nebraska has their eye on one particular kicker, a player that a kicking coach that teaches NFL kickers says, he's the best he's ever seen.

Life as a kicker, even a good one is tumultuous at best. If you aren't the hero, you're the goat and if you are neither of those, you are a kicker and nobody cares. This year, however, it seems that kickers are striking back. Not in a good way mind you, rather the other way around, the collegiate football fan-bases witness to some of the most horrific special teams' debacles in recent memory... Recommended Stories

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