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One official scheduled for D.J. Hord

One official scheduled for D.J. Hord

Having a target on your back is part and parcel with being one of the more touted recruits around the country. That's the current plight of standout wide receiver, D.J. Hord. He's got a target square on his back, his front or anywhere he's at, he'll find no less than two other people there. It makes life tough, but for Hord, he's living it up as this one likes to rise to the occasion.

Through 4 games, D.J. Hord has about 300 yards receiving. That probably doesn't sound like much for one of the most touted receivers in the land, but that's taking into account how many people there are trying to keep him from even getting it once. Try about three. With the cornerback jamming him at the line, the outside linebacker picking him up over the middle to take even more space and... Recommended Stories

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