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Tongan "Hulk" has official scheduled for Nebraska

Tongan "Hulk" has official scheduled for Nebraska

We've gotten used to seeing the Polynesian players around the prep, college and professional ranks. They usually have one thing in common: They're big. Well, not to break the mold, offensive lineman Fenuki Tupou brings size and the almost typical strength that comes with the nationality. It's no wonder that he, like many other that hail from countries like Tonga and Samoa, are some of the most coveted linemen around.

At 6 foot, 6 inches tall, weighing just over 320 pounds, Fenuki Tupou is a giant. Well, compares to most around him, that is, unless it's his relation. As is typical with Polynesian families, Fenuki's size is formidable, but he'd tell you that he's related to guys a lot bigger. "Yeah, I have a few cousins that are bigger than me," he said. "I'm not the runt, but some of those guys are pretty big... Recommended Stories

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