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After Nebraska Trip, It's Down To Two

After Nebraska Trip, It's Down To Two

It's hard to miss Jordon McMichael whether he's walking down the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska or on the sidelines of the first double overtime game in Memorial Stadium history. So what did the large tight end prospect out of Minnesota think about Nebraska's record-shattering day against the Iowa State Cyclones, where does Nebraska stand on his list and when does he plan to pull the trigger?

Jordon McMichael admits there was a bit of excitement coming from his person at the Iowa State-Nebraska game this past weekend. "There was some bone-throwing, there was some chanting of my name, I was kind of embarrassed about that, honestly," he said chuckling. As far as his favorite part of the game itself, Jordon said, "It was probably when Nebraska was coming down the field in the fourth... Recommended Stories

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