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Royster learned what he needed to know

Evan Royster

When you are sitting on 13 offers going into your senior year, the attention has become commonplace. You've heard it all, seen it all and you just want something a little different. That's one of the reasons why running back Evan Royster chose to visit Nebraska. His recruiter was just a little different. In a good way, though, because when it's all about being sold, his recruiter from Nebraska was just telling it like it is.

Phil Elmassian has probably been called a few things over the last two years. One of those things he's definitely not been dubbed, though, is "vague". The Nebraska DB coach isn't one that will beat around the bush, tell you stuff he thinks you want to hear or give you one slogan after another. He's "real" as the kids like to say and for running back Evan Royster, that's nice. "He's just like... Recommended Stories

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