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A fullback that makes you go 'wooo.'

Detroit's Schlesinger-types are almost extinct

People say football player and I don't know what it means to the younger kids, but to me, even though I am not all that old, I think of some hardnosed-grind-it-pound-it-dirt-eating mentality, wearing a set of pads. Call it old school if you like, but to me, that's just a football player. Well, I have got one for you. He fits all of that and then some, because that's the way he likes it and he is a rarity nowadays: a fullback with an offer from the Huskers.

William Anderson is a bite-the-piss type with the on-the-field disposition of a rattle snake. It's not like he doesn't want to be out there. He does. The problem is, especially if you are the other team, he's not all that fond of you. It's good for him then that he gets to take out some of that angst one play after another, but as any good fullback would say, he's got one type of play he... Recommended Stories

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