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Ready to leave it all on the field

Andre Jones

It's only going to be a couple of days before Husker commit and junior college transfer Andre Jones will hit Lincoln. It's a couple of days to a point that at one time, Jones thought might take forever. It's almost here, though, and Jones feels the pressure, but not from everyone else. He's putting plenty on himself, and he's planning on delivering in full.

I am sure we can all recall when senior-to-be Zack Bowman strolled onto campus in Lincoln, dubbed the next……………whoever. He had the stars, the hype and the expectations. Heck, it got so bad, it was guaranteed in some circles that he would be one-and-done, spending just enough time in Division 1-A to get acclimated, and then after he blew the competition away, it would be off to the first round... Recommended Stories

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