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Off-Camera Quotables

Suh happy with disciplinary standards at Nebraska

You heard some of the quotes from the regular press conference. But what do some say when perhaps not every single camera is on them and every microphone is in their face? Here are a few quotes we caught from players after the P.C, that you may or may not have seen.

Our thanks to Darion Miller, who got all of these quotes as he was browsing the hallways during the course of the P.C. Larry Asante on Marvin Sanders Somebody asked him to compare the talent we had in 2003 and the talent we had in 2008 and he said that by far we were more athletic – had more talent and it's up to us (to realize it). That's like our motivation. We can't wait to get out to... Recommended Stories

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  • Demornay Pierson-El has become a fan favorite barely half-way through his true freshman season at Nebraska. According to his high school coach the best is yet to come.

  • Head coach Bo Pelini questions whether relationships between news outlets and conferences is good for college football.

  • The Kansas City Chiefs aren't exactly known for their passing attack; however, Dr. Roto does have a man-crush on one KC receiver in Week 8. Dwayne Bowe (pictured above) has yet to score a touchdown or…

  • CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The Wainstein report released on Wednesday provided insight into the NCAA’s reopening of its infractions case at North Carolina this summer and also highlighted potential academic…

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