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Hey, welcome to the next great edition of take one where you will see at least a dozen different updates on a dozen different players all wrapped up into a nice tidy package where we wrap up the week that was. Updates you might have seen, some you might have not and some news, views and rumors abound that could be of genuine interest. We'll be talking about coaching changes and it's effect on recruiting. What about the future of NU recruiting? We're talking about it all, so check it out.

TAKE ONE, VOL. 2 Hey, welcome TAKE ONE, where we take you down the week in recruiting. Well, it's more like the last week and a half, but as you probably know, some thing have happened recently that got us a little busy, but we're bringing it to you today. OFFICIAL VISITS Ok, we had seven official visits this last weekend and let's run them down. IAN-YATES CUNNINGHAM Came in with no expectations... Recommended Stories

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