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Suh says he's coming back

In this day and age of get rich now, Ndamukong Suh chooses to stay in school for the right reasons. Suh was rapidly becoming one of the most talked about players nationally in 2008 as the season progressed. From intercepting passes and running them back, to playing fullback and to even catching a pass; Suh demonstrated a true team-player and did so again today.

To the people of the NFL committee, thank you! While Ndamukong Suh said that he was more than likely coming back anyway, submitting a request to get the assessment back on your draft status is always scary. Early second to late first rounder was what the advisory committee had to tell Ndamukong Suh about his draft position in the 2009 draft. I would be hard pressed to say that I agree with... Recommended Stories

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