Worried about themselves, not them

Carl Pelini

It's pretty easy to get caught up in who Nebraska is playing and all the talent they possess. From Heisman winners to All-Conference selections, everyone knows the No. 3 Texas Longhorns are loaded. Defensive Line Coach Carl Pelini says that they are indeed talented, but this game isn't about stopping Texas, but doing what Nebraska does best. And if they do that, let the chips fall where they may.

Practice Notes

WIth just a few days of prepartion left before the Big 12 Title game, the Nebraska football team took the practice fields this afternoon. The team practiced on the indoor turf of the Hawks Championship Center to prepare for the similar turf and dome that they will use on Saturday. Here is the update from practice:

  • The team practiced in the Hawks Championship Center.
  • The Husker success has been bringing back former players. Yesterday featured an appearance from Tom Ruud, and today brought in former lineman Chris Dishman
  • Pierre Allen sat out today. He didn't have any apparent bumps or bruises, but he did not suit up. Carl Pelini said after practice that he was simply giving Allen the day off. Pelini said Allen will probably be sore six weeks into the offseason, so it's good to get him a day of rest.
  • After practice, Carl Pelini talked about the challange of facing Heisman frontrunner Colt McCoy. "We've faced some good running quarterbacks," Pelini said. "He's probably the best one we have faced. He's patient like Reesing and he's got Tyrod Taylor's speed. You really have to account for that all the time and he's such a good thrower and accomplished thrower in the pocket that you have to cover that aspect of it as well. He's a very difficult guy to defend."
  • Carl Pelini said it was a good day of practice because everybody was upbeat. After practice, everybody seemed to be happy. Bo Pelini had a contest with Zac Lee and Cody Green, where they were throwing the football, trying to hit the upright.

Post Practice Video with Defensive Line Coach Carl Pelini

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