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There is very limited room in the Nebraska class, has been for a while, but Corey Cooper has always known where he stood with Nebraska and having a spot. The Huskers have made Cooper’s final list of four teams that he will decide between and that decision could come at any moment. Cooper says when the time is right, he will announce his decision.

Nebraska was the last team to see Corey Cooper this week. The Nebraska staff sent out their secondary coach, being that Cooper plays safety, but also because they are from the same area.

“The visit went well,” Cooper said. “We didn’t talk a lot about recruiting. We have a pretty good relationship already and we just talked about what is going on.

“Coach Marvin Sanders is a real cool guy and down to Earth. We are from the same area, he’s from Chicago, and we have a really good relationship.”

The last visit for Cooper was supposed to be this weekend, but as of last night that visit was at best in doubt and it’s now for certain that Cooper won’t visit and has his list narrowed to four.

“I am not going to Florida State this weekend. That really has me down to four and should make things a little easier for me to decide. I am not ready to decide yet.

“I don’t have a specific time or day when I want to commit. It’s really when I feel ready. It’s down to the four schools I visited: Nebraska, Notre Dame, Illinois and Arizona.”

The visits this week for Cooper are over. However, he is thinking about having another round of visitors next week before coming to a decision.

“Nebraska was my last visit for the week. I will probably host visits again next week, but I am not sure. Most likely I will host some teams though, yeah.”

UPDATE: Cooper has had his in-home with the Huskers. How did it go, and how close is Cooper to making a decision about where he'll go to school? Check out the RED ZONE for the latest on the Illinois standout.

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