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Jay Lee

Nebraska is going to take as many as three wide receivers this year in the 2011 class. More than just quantity, Nebraska needs some quality. Jay Lee from Allen (Texas) is a talented receiver with speed and big-play ability. More than that, he knows that Nebraska is talking about the possibility of early playing time for some talented receivers.

Jay Lee from Allen (Texas) is technically in the off-season for football, but they practice twice a day. The wide receiver says that he and his team mates are getting ready for summer passing league.

"We are working on seven on seven stuff," Lee said. "We are getting ready for seven on seven this summer during our athletic period and again after school."

Lee had a huge junior season for Allen. He shows the ability with a longer frame to be able to go up and get the ball, but he's also able to work the underneath routes and makes plays after the catch.

"I had 53 catches for 1,013 yards and 17 touchdowns. About one out of every three catches I had went for a touchdown last season.

"I like going up to get the ball, but I am also a good route runner. Also, as a receiver I also work to get my team mates open as much as I do just for me to get open.

"I don't just get jump balls. I get a chance to make plays in space on shorter routes, but my favorite route is still the go route. I think that people underestimate my speed a bit."

Lee says that he is currently 6-foot-3 and 190-pounds and is up to nine offers. He says that the offers are coming in at about a rate of one every couple of weeks.

"I have nine offers right now. They are from Duke, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois, Baylor, Houston, Rice and Tulsa. Duke was the first to offer me and I get a new one every other week or so."

While the leaders can always be shuffled, Lee says that he is favoring three. "I would say that my top three is probably like Nebraska, Tulsa and Arkansas. Those are my top three schools right now.

"I like their playing style at Nebraska and how they use their receivers. I like that they have great players that come out of Arkansas and that could me. There is also the spread offense at Tulsa and I know they like to throw it around."

When Lee makes his decision about what school to attend it's going to be about three key things and distance doesn't figure into his decision at all.

"I am looking at the community, the environment and the academics of the school with my decision. Distance isn't a big thing for me at all."

So far Lee has made it to a nearby junior day and has a couple of others set up right now. He is going to try and make it to two of his favorites a little later this summer.

"I made the junior day at SMU and I am going to Texas Tech toward the end of March. I think that I am heading up to see Tulsa too.

"I am probably going to go and visit Arkansas when we go up there to do seven on seven. I will probably be able to get up and see Nebraska some time soon."

Lee has had some good talks with the coach that is recruiting him from Nebraska. He says that the Nebraska coach and he have been building a good relationship and that there is opportunity in Lincoln as a receiver.

"Coach John Papuchis is the coach that is recruiting me for Nebraska. Coach JP is real down to earth and he's been real up-front with me.

"He said that they are graduating two receivers this year and they have eight in the full roster, but he said that I could come in and compete and be one of their starting receivers.

"It's big to know that you can go to a school like Nebraska and compete for a starting spot. You have to get there and just work hard and try and get that starting spot."


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