The team got a lot done

Bo Pelini

Nebraska went inside Hawks Indoor Center for the second to last practice of the Spring before the Spring Game this weekend. It has been a Spring that some would say there's only so much you can accomplish when there isn't a game on the horizon. But Pelini said that they got done much of what they set out to before Spring practice commenced. Check out notes and quotes from today.

Bo Pelini

  • Said team had a good practice today, where they ran some "live" work, which is similar to how this entire Spring has been for the team as he amped up the physicality of this session this year.
  • Pelini said of the format for Spring that there will be a division of the teams which will be meant to keep some balance on both sides, that being between the first and second units.
  • Quarterbacks will not be wearing green jerseys, outside of sophomore Kody Spano who has been in a green jersey all Spring
  • The clock will be normal for the first half, according to Pelini, and based on how the first half goes will dictate if they will have a running clock in the third. But Bo said that they will have a running clock in the fourth.
  • Pelini said that there won't be much if anything in regard to scheming on offense.
  • Ruled out right now is offensive tackle Jermarcus Hardrick and Mike Smith, who is playing on on the interior of the offensive line
  • Offensively Pelini said he likes where the team is at right now. "I really like what we are doing. We're better. We're deeper. If we get everybody healthy, we have come a long way. I like what I've seen," Pelini said.
  • On the physicality Pelini said this Spring was something else. "It was a physical Spring. There was a lot of live work. We got after it. It was all good on good from start to finish. We got a lot of guys reps. Everybody was out there working and given the opportunity to get better. It was very productive…very productive," he said.
  • This Spring Game could serve as a major recruiting tool. Make sure to check out our updated list of all the players coming in, which includes commits set to enroll in the Summer and those for next year along with some of the best players from around the country coming in on their own dime. Pelini said that the atmosphere at Nebraska makes this a special opportunity for them. "It's big. It's not everywhere in the country you get a filled stadium for a Spring Game. It makes it unique," he said. "Obviously, we wouldn't be real excited about bringing recruits on campus if we were going to have ten thousand people. We have the unique environment here where we get a filled house and the people are excited about it. So, we use it to our advantage in recruiting."

Ricky Henry

  • Henry has sat out the entire Spring which is obviously frustrating for him. But he's taken a lot of mental reps during that time. That's good, and it helps with certain aspects of the offense. But he said there's nothing like the real thing. "I'm just trying to make the most of it, but it's still not the same as going through it," he said.
  • On the freshmen Henry said everyone is playing hard and picking stuff up quickly. He said that these youngsters even have a little bit of himself in them. Coincidence. "I think some of it is starting to rub off on them. I mean, it's crazy. It's different how everything has changed and these younger guys are just coming off (the line)," he said.

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