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A future Husker from up-coming OU weekend?

Mike Smith

You don't have to ask Palo Verde Defensive End/Tight End prospect Mike Smith how Nebraska feels right now, losing games by the narrowest of margins and from crushing mental mistakes. He knows that feeling all too well. That hasn't made for a fun season, but one that still has a chance to continue into the post-season, so there's reason to hope. And for Husker fans, there's reason to hope as well, when Smith heads to Lincoln this weekend for the game against Oklahoma.

Nebraska was tied with Missouri in yesterday's contest down in Columbia, 24-24 going into the third quarter. Three turnovers later, all in that quarter, the Huskers found themselves behind, never to catch back up. Quite a few miles removed, Mike Smith knows just how they are feeling, but for Smith's team, it's been an entire season of frustrating mistakes. "Seriously, we should be 8-0 right... Recommended Stories

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